The Livox Mid is a high-performance LiDAR sensor developed for a wide variety of applications. Advanced non-repetitive scanning patterns deliver highly-accurate details in real time, while a compact body enables users to easily embed units into existing designs. The Mid is also ready to ship immediately to facilitate uses in autonomous driving, high-precision mapping, and other areas from small batch testing to large-scale production.

Long Range, High Precision

The Mid-40 can reliably detect objects within a 260-meter range when the target’s reflectivity is over 80%, and can achieve a range of up to 130 meters even when the reflectivity is as low as 20%. All Livox sensors are in full compliance with the Class 1 eye-safety requirements from IEC 60825-1:2014.

Detection Range:
260 meters (80% reflectivity)

When the reflectivity is 80%, the detection range can reach 260 meters, and when the reflectivity is 20%, the detection range can reach 130 meters.¹

Range Precision:
2 cm

Detection precision can reach 2 cm.²

Angular Accuracy:

The vertical and horizontal angular accuracy can reach 0.1°.

High Coverage Ratio

Thanks to an innovative opto-electronic system design, the Mid-40/Mid-100 supports a unique, non-repetitive scan pattern that can effectively increase coverage ratio and detect more details in the FOV, significantly reducing the probability of missing objects.

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Compact and Embeddable

Each Mid-40 unit weighs just 760 grams and can be fully embedded in the body of an automobile or other industrial designs.³ The Mid-40 is also available in a combined unit with three sensors: the Mid-100, which expands the horizontal FOV to approximately 100°.

Ready to Ship

Mid-40/Mid-100 sensor units do not require any time-consuming multi-line laser calibration, nor do they contain any moving electronic components. This has fundamentally improved the manufacturability and enabled mass production. Livox Mid-40/Mid-100 sensor units are now ready to ship.

High Reliability

From its system-level operation down to each individual component, the Mid-40/Mid-100 was specially designed for achieving ultra-high reliability. Specifically, there are no moving electronics. This product has undergone high temperature endurance tests, salt spray tests, and other rigorous reliability tests required by the automotive industry. In addition, the Mid-40/Mid-100 has achieved a IP67 waterproof and dustproof rating under GB 4208-2008 and IEC 60529 standards.⁴

Environmental Adaptation

The Mid-40/Mid-100 maintains consistent performance in a wide range of lighting conditions, from 100 kilolux to darker, low-visibility environments. Enabled by the innovative de-noising algorithms built-into the unit, the Mid-40/Mid-100 is able to effectively reduce the noise caused by atmospheric particles such as rain, fog, and dust, as well as interference from other LiDAR units.

Application Scenarios

Autonomous Driving


Search & Rescue


High-Precision Mapping


1. Measured in an environment of 25°C with the laser aimed directly at the target.
2. Measured in an environment of 25°C with a target object 20 meters away and a reflectivity of 80%.
3. Customization is available to meet user requests.
4. Operating fan is IP 55 rated.