Livox Hub

The Livox Hub is a streamlined way to integrate and manage Livox LiDAR sensors and their data outputs. When using Livox Hub with LiDAR SDK¹ , you will have unified access to software and hardware, making the development process simplified and efficient.

Highly Versatile

The Livox Hub can access up to 9 LiDAR sensors simultaneously and supports an input range of 10-30V. Each port has independent power control and short circuit protection to ensure safe operation. With Gigabit Ethernet as the data interface, it can support 2700k of point cloud data samples per second.

High Precision

The Livox Hub also supports IEEE 1588 and GPS precision time synchronization which delivers sub-microsecond-level time synchronization of point cloud data. After entering the LiDAR installation parameters, the Livox Hub can unify the point cloud data into the user coordinate system and integrate all LiDAR point data into a single output.

Livox Hub