Livox x CiDi: A New Chapter for Intelligent Logistic Trucks


"At present, CiDi ’s L4 smart heavy trucks are already capable of autonomous driving at 100 kilometers per hour on highways. We are very confident in Livox products and are satisfied with the technical support and services they provide. With Livox LiDAR, we are very much looking forward to the rapid implementation of commercial heavy truck autonomous driving solutions, "said Matan, CEO of CiDi.

Despite making up only 10% of the total number of motor vehicles,
Trucks contribute to nearly half of the fatal road accidents in the country.
These tragedies have shattered countless families, leaving behind painful emotional wounds and enormous social and economic losses in their wake.
With their partners, Livox hopes to change all of that.



Our focus today is on trucks, which to many might sound remote to everyday life. As a matter of fact, they are inextricably linked to the hundreds of millions of families in China. There are over 30 million truck drivers in the country, many of whom work in hazardous situations and long periods of fatigue to overfulfil their tasks and earn more money, while exhibiting risky behaviors such as speeding and overloading trucks.

Prompted by these observations, our client CiDi wishes to change this status quo of the trucking industry.


Currently, CiDi is leveraging AI technology to build the next generation of intelligent logistics system, which will make freight trucks safer, more efficient and eco-friendlier, while enabling human drivers to interact easily and seamlessly with trucks. To that end, Livox is excited to lend its support with its industry-leading LiDAR technology, in the hopes of minimizing occupational hazards for truck drivers through faster and wider commercial application of autonomous driving technology.


Livox Horizon and Tele are high-performing LiDARs designed for L3/L4 unmanned vehicles, capable of being used in flexible combinations across scenarios. Livox Horizon has a 81.7-degree horizontal FOV that can cover multiple lanes; while the effective detection distance of Livox Tele extends up to 500 meters, helping to alert drivers of any road condition much earlier and allowing them more time to respond.


The two products are robust, reliable, and extremely cost-effective––they cost less than one-tenth of equally performing LiDARs in the market. Naturally, they are the preferred choice of CiDi for their autonomous driving solutions.

“Currently, CiDi’s L4 intelligent trucks are able to travel autonomously at 100 km/h on highways. We believe in Livox’s products and are greatly satisfied with the technical support and services they have provided us. With Livox’s LiDARs, we are very much looking forward to launching our autonomous driving solutions for commercial trucks in the market,” CiDi’s CEO Ma Wei said.

We believe that technology can bring insights into our future and continue to improve our quality of life. This partnership between Livox and CiDi marks a significant step forward in making truck driving safer and logistic transport more efficient, while pointing to the limitless potential of autonomous driving technology.