Livox’s First Automotive-grade Lidar for Serial Production


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Developed by Livox for over two years, Livox HAP is our first automotive-grade lidar designed for intelligent driving assistance systems. HAP meets up to 74 items of the automotive-grade reliability tests, and began serial production for OEMs such as Xpeng and FAW Jiefang since 2021 at Livox’s own brand-new automotive-grade manufacturing center, helping customers build industry-leading smart driving systems that deliver superior safety and comfort.
  • 150m @10%

    Detection range

  • 120° x 25°


  • 144 lines

    Equivalent point cloud density

  • 0.18° x 0.23°

    Angular resolution

  • 452,000 pts/s

    Point rate

  • 10 Hz


Rigorously tested for automotive-grade performance

HAP has received and passed more than 70 items of the automotive-grade reliability tests at Livox’s own test center. Built in accordance with CNAS standards, the facility has state-of-the-art testing equipment, and is run by a team of leading industry experts. This setup provides Livox with impressive and efficient testing capabilities, and enables HAP to meet major car makers’ standards and other industrial standards, such as ISO 16750.
Mechanical Shock
Vibration Test (Under Damp Heat Cyclic)
Dust test
Electrostatic discharge test
Water Protection-IPX9K
Water Protection-IPX6K
Bulk Current Injection test
Salt spray test

Mass production is the mission

Livox’s brand-new smart automotive-grade manufacturing center has a planned building area of 1,500 square meters for its first phase. Equipped with fully automated lidar assembly lines, each boasting an annual capacity of up to 200,000 pieces, and further supported by several world-class SMT (Surface Mount Technologies) production lines with the designed PPM (Parts Per Million) at 10, this manufacturing center will be able to meet Livox’s future expanding needs for the efficient production of its own core lidar components.

Superior performance for smarter driving experience

Detection range

The detection range of HAP is increased to 150m. This will enable the autonomous driving system to detect any remote obstacles much earlier with absolute ease while on highways and urban roads.

Field of view

HAP features a horizontal FOV of 120°. Through the mounting of dual sensors, it provides the vehicle with an ultra point cloud FOV of 180°. This greatly enhances the system’s capacity to navigate challenging road conditions, such as cut-in vehicles and turning at crossroads.

Point cloud density

With an angular resolution of up to 0.18°*0.23°, HAP boasts a point cloud density equivalent to a 144-line lidar for ROI (regions of interest). The increased point cloud density creates a more realistic perception of the environment, and enables the accurate detection of tiny objects on the remote road surface, including pedestrians, bicycles or even traffic cones.

Enhanced safety with ultra FPS

Through a cleverly designed rotating-mirror technology, Livox developed and applied a brand-new “ultra FPS” (Frames Per Second) lidar technology concept. When the vehicles are running, the objects within the lidar’s ROI of FOV will be scanned twice against the rest area. The feature offers enhanced safety for road users when driving at high speeds or surrounded by crowds of pedestrians and bicycles.