Customer Success Story

Livox X Gaussian: Improving The Quality of Life


Through cooperation with Livox, we have more confidence in launching more cost-effective service robots.” Song Le, Director of Algorithm, Gaussian Robotics.

As the global population gets older, the human costs of advancing society are becoming ever greater. Gaussian Robotics hopes to solve this problem through science and technology, liberating some of the traditional labor force with service robots, and improving the quality of life for people around the world.



Gaussian Robotics is one of the world's first robotics companies engaged in developing and exploring the application of autonomous mobile robots. We have successfully developed service robots, commercial robot cleaners, and unmanned sanitation vehicles, which can be used in commercial cleaning, security inspection, distribution, and other fields.



As a core component of our autonomous driving solutions at Gaussian Robotics, LiDAR sensors enable us to achieve various functions such as mapping, positioning, sensing, navigation, obstacle avoidance, and more. These applications have high requirements for the accuracy, stability, and reliability of 3D lasers. Gaussian Robotics has completed the R&D of SLAM 2.0. This solution is based on three-dimensional lasers and integrates them with vision, ultrasound, GPS, and other sensors.


At present, traditional mechanical rotatory 16-line and 32-line LiDAR units feature high costs due to the complicated processes involved.


Livox LiDAR sensors are low-cost, reliable, and high performance. In particular, the Mid series LiDAR sensors feature non-repetitive scanning patterns that offer the dense point clouds needed for low-speed mobile robots.




As a leading enterprise in the low-speed autonomous driving industry, Gaussian Robotics has a very strict sensor introduction flow. A new LiDAR can only be introduced after passing a series of rigorous tests. We also have strict inspection standards for suppliers' production processes, quality standard control, and other aspects. We expect that all sensor suppliers, in addition to providing high-performance products, can maintain sustainable and stable supply capabilities.


Livox LiDAR sensors are reshaping industries, by offering incredible reliability and mass production capability as a result of their unique optoelectronic design and non-repetitive scanning patterns. Our self-designed, semi-automated production line is able to produce hundreds of Mid units every day, which is more than enough to meet customers' high-volume orders.