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Livox Revolutionizes Smart Robotics with a Compact, Omnidirectional LiDAR Sensor


The Mid-360 is the first 360° Stereo-Sensing Hybrid Solid-State LiDAR, housed in a compact body to give robots full real-time vision of their surroundings

January 10, 2023 – Livox Tech, the world's leading LiDAR developer and manufacturer, today has released the Mid-360, a brand-new hybrid solid-state LiDAR sensor. This unit expands the company’s acclaimed Mid series, aimed to set a new benchmark for low-speed mobile robots and autonomous driving.

Compared with the traditional 360° mechanical LiDAR units with a point cloud density of 16 or 32 lines, the Mid-360 is smaller, more cost-effective, and high-performing, offering 40 lines of density. The Mid-360 is also the first mainstream hybrid solid-state LiDAR to feature an expanded 360° FOV, enabling autonomous vehicles with stereo sensing for increased safety. Similar in size to the single-line LiDAR used on industrial robots, the Mid-360 provides a denser vertical point cloud output, bringing the sensing technology into the 3D era.

Offering the best of all worlds, the Mid-360 marks the arrival of 360° sensing in the hybrid solid-state LiDAR industry, as well as facilitates the growth of downstream segments such as industrial and commercial robots and unmanned vehicles.

Streamlined and Simplified

With a super compact design, the Mid-360 is the smallest 3D LiDAR on the market today. At 6.5 × 6.5 × 6 cm, it is nearly 60% smaller than the Mid-70, its predecessor in the Mid series. Most of the device can be embedded and hidden out of sight, revealing only a 4.5 × 2.5cm hemispherical window. The LiDAR’s compact form renders it easily embeddable, providing a more elegant aesthetic for unmanned vehicles and low-speed robots.

The Livox Mid-360’s compact size makes it easy to deploy in a wide range of low-speed mobile equipment.

Minimal Blind Spot and Ultra-Large FOV

The Mid-360’s full-range horizontal FOV is complemented with 59° vertical, helping mobile robots sense complex 3D environments for improved operational and site safety. It also offers a maximum detection range of 70 meters* and a minimum detection range of just 10 cm. With the Mid-360, a combination of omnidirectional FOV, long range, and nearly zero blind spots is now possible for low-speed robots and autonomous driving.

Mid-360’s FOV is perfect for vehicles and robots to sense a 3D environment.

Dual Anti-Interference for Ultimate Peace of Mind

With the growing popularity of autonomous vehicles and robots, radio wave emissions between radars and signal interference in outdoor surroundings can lead to point cloud noise in LiDARs. The Mid-360’s anti-interference design allows the device to operate stably without disruption from multiple LiDAR signals, even in indoor environments. It is also resistant to 100 kilolux of direct sunlight, delivering consistently superior indoor or outdoor performance, ensuring seamless operation across scenarios.



Safe and Productive in Multiple Scenarios

Compared to traditional single-line LiDARs equipped with depth cameras, the Mid-360 is a superior spatial sensor for mobile robots, offering enhanced navigation, obstacle avoidance, and identification capabilities.

Enhanced indoor perception for greater efficiency

With the Mid-360, users can now capture comprehensive, 3D vertical point clouds for spatial features - a notable upgrade from 2D single-line LiDARs. The Mid-360’s 3D sensing helps robots map and localize themselves autonomously, saving the cost of large-scale modification of spatial environments while enabling the robots to work much more productively. Meanwhile, the angular resolution of the Mid-360 can improve significantly over time, greatly enhancing its ability to sense small obstacles to ensure the safe operation of robots.

A robot mounted with Mid-360 efficiently maps entire spaces in three dimensions for safe, reliable navigation.

Compatibility with outdoor scenarios unleashes more possibilities

Unlike depth cameras, the Mid-360 is not constrained by ambient light. Whether in a dim indoor corridor or the bright outdoors, the Mid-360 outputs rich, high-quality point cloud information to assist mobile robots in navigation, obstacle avoidance, and even detection classification, fully unlocking the potential of machine AI.

In bright outdoor environments, the Mid-360 identifies pedestrians stably and effectively.

A Cost-Effective Solution, Delivered in Time

Livox is committed to minimizing costs and ensuring rapid delivery of large-volume orders to spur the wide commercial application of robotic solutions. A trial sample for Mid-360 is priced at only $749 each, while competitive quotations can be provided for large-bulk purchases.

Customers worldwide can order test samples from Jan.10th, 2023, through the official Livox website (

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*Tested in an environment at a temperature of 25° C (77° F) with a target object that has a reflectivity of 80%.