Industry Leading Automotive Lidar, The Livox Tele-15, Now Available Globally For Purchase With Improved Detection Range


State-of-the-art Lidar Sensor For L3/L4 Autonomous Driving Provides Ultra Precise And Reliable Detection In A Highly Compact And Competitively Priced Package

June 17, 2020 – Livox Technology Company (Livox), is revolutionizing the lidar industry by announcing availability of the Livox Tele-15 automotive lidar to the global market on a mass producible scale. Since its announcement at this year’s CES in Las Vegas, the Livox Tele-15 has garnered a significant amount of interest due to its many advanced features, performance and approachable cost.


  • Tele-15 Increased Detection Range

Designed for advanced long-distance detection, the Livox Tele-15 offers a durable, high precision system in a compact form. Since its release at CES, Livox has worked towards optimizing key aspects to its manufacturing process along with product performance. Now, objects with low reflectivity have an increased detection range of 60% from 200 meters to 320 meters at 10% reflectivity, and it will also detect objects at 500m with 50% reflectivity, previously requiring 80% reflectivity at that distance. Additionally, Tele-15 now supports a custom firmwarm, increasing detection range to a maximum of 1000 meters allowing autonomous driving systems to detect objects well in advance while providing crucial reaction time even at higher speeds.




  • Ultra-High Point Cloud Precision and Density

The combination of multi-line laser and non-repetitive scanning patterns enables Tele-15 to cover 99.8% of the FOV in just 100ms, outperforming 128-line mechanical lidar sensors currently available on the market. This 99.8% FOV coverage in just 100ms enables vehicles equipped with the sensor to see further ahead with greater detail. For black cars with lower reflectivity, Tele-15 is able to detect 14 points in just 100ms at a distance of 500m, meeting the stringent point cloud data demands of autonomous driving algorithms.


Sample point cloud data is available to download here:


  • Stable and Reliable

The Tele-15 adopts an innovative optoelectronic system design with rotation-free photoelectric components, resulting in higher reliability and a longer service life. The component meets the 10-year vehicle regulatory life requirements, and has a MTTF (Mean time to failure) of at least 40,000 hours. The overall performance goes above and beyond the requirements for L3/L4 autonomous driving applications.


  • Price and Availability

The Livox Tele-15 sensor is available for purchase today for $1,499 USD (retail price) or $1,200 USD (EXW price) through the official online store: