Small But Mighty


Mid-360 is the latest generation of Livox LiDAR for low speed robotics. This new product inherits the cost-effectiveness of the Livox Mid series and delivers 3D perception in 360 degrees. Compact and lightweight, this LiDAR module is easy to install. The Mid-360 is optimized based on the navigation and obstacle avoidance requirements of mobile robots. This allows you to use the LiDAR with algorithms to deliver a wide range of functions such as SLAM and obstacle avoidance.
  • 360° * 59°

    FOV [1]

  • 0.1m

    Min. Detection Range[2]

  • 40m

    @10% Reflectivity[3]

  • 40-line

    Point Cloud Density

  • 65*65*60

    L × W × H (mm)

  • 265g


360° Super-Wide FOV

Unlike conventional mechanical LiDAR, the Mid-360 is powered by Livox's unique rotating mirror hybrid-solid technology. And Mid-360 is the first to improve the horizontal FOV to 360° and the vertical FOV to 59°. The omnidirectional ultra-large FOV coverage provided by the Mid-360 LiDAR helps mobile robots accurately perceive their surroundings in all directions. This provides the basis on which mobile robots can formulate plans and make decisions.

Smaller and Lighter

The miniature Mid-360 unlocks a new world of possibility in robot design. For the first time 3D LiDAR can be seamlessly integrated without compromise.

Greater Performance with Reduced Blind Spot

Short minimum detection range of 10cm

The Mid-360 can detect objects as close as 10 cm. Its compact size makes it easy to mount and eliminate blind spots.

Active anti-interference

Reliable performance without disruption from multiple lidar signals, even in indoor environments.

Light or Dark

Unaffected by bright or low-light environments. The Mid-360 offers consistently excellent performance, detecting 80% reflective objects at a distance of up to 70m.

Recommended Mounting Combinations

Autonomous Forklift

AMR Robot

Service Robot

Autonomous Vehicle

The ultimate solution for the robotics industry

With unparalleled performance and value, a single Mid-360 can replace the industry standard array of sensors including 2D LiDAR, RGBD and ultrasonic sensors.

Enhanced indoor perception for greater efficiency

Compared with 2D single-line LiDAR sensors, the Mid-360 delivers advanced 3D perception that enables mobile robots to collect sufficient environmental data for mapping and positioning. This eliminates the need to modify the spatial environment and greatly improves efficiency. In addition, the angular resolution of the Mid-360 improves significantly over time. This greatly enhances small object detection to ensure safe operation.

Compatibility with outdoor scenarios brings more possibilities

The Mid-360 is not affected by ambient light either indoors or outdoors. It's rich point cloud data assists mobile robots in navigation, obstacle avoidance and even detection classification - fully unlocking the potential of AI.



[1] The effective range of Mid-360 is different in different FOV areas. In the vertical FOV range, the closer to the top, the shorter the effective range, and the closer to the bottom, the longer the effective range. For details, please refer to the product user manual.

[2] If the distance of the target object is 0.1m to 0.2m, point cloud data can be detected and output, but since the detection accuracy cannot be guaranteed, this data is for reference only.

[3] When the ambient temperature is 25°C and the surface reflectance of the target object is greater than or equal to 80% (the reflectance of the concrete floor or road is 15~30%, and the reflectance of the white plaster wall is 90%~99%), the maximum detection is measured. The distance is 70m. When the surface reflectivity of the target object is greater than or equal to 10%, the measured maximum detection distance is 40m.