The Livox Horizon is a high-performance LiDAR sensor built with autonomous driving in mind. Specifically, it offers a broader FOV with much higher coverage ratio while retaining all the key advantages of the Mid-40, such as long detection range, high precision, and compact size.

Long Range, High Precision

The Horizon inherits the advanced opto-electronic system design of the Mid-40, delivering vividly-detailed long-distance measurements. All Livox sensors are in full compliance with the Class 1 eye-safety requirements from IEC 60825-1:2014.

Detection Range:
260 meters (80% reflectivity)

When the reflectivity is 80%, the detection range can reach 260 meters, and when the reflectivity is 20%, the detection distance can reach up to 130 meters.¹

Range Precision:
2 cm

Detection precision can reach 2 cm.²

Angular Accuracy:

The vertical and horizontal angular accuracy can reach 0.1°.

Broad FOV

Compared to the Mid-40’s circular FOV, Horizon units provide a rectangular FOV that is 80° horizontal and 25° vertical. This doubles the Mid-40’s horizontal FOV and allows full 360° coverage to be achieved using just five Horizon units.

High Coverage Ratio

The Horizon delivers point cloud coverage approximately three times more dense than the Mid-40 due to multi-line scanning patterns with our unique DL-Pack technology. This enables more details in the FOV to be detected, identified, and utilized in real time, resulting in safer autonomous movement.

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Mass-Production Ready

The Horizon adopts a device-level opto-electronic system developed independently, and inherits the mass production lines of the Mid-40. In this way, while offering enhanced performance, its mass production capacity can also be guaranteed, which can support large-scale R&D and autonomous application testing and facilitate the mass production of autonomous vehicles.

High Reliability

From its system-level operation down to each individual component, the Horizon is designed for achieving ultra-high reliability. Specifically, there are no moving electronics. This product has undergone high temperature endurance tests, salt spray tests, and other rigorous reliability tests required by the automotive industry. In addition, the Horizon has achieved IP67 waterproof and dustproof rating under GB 4208-2008 and IEC 60529 standards.³

Environmental Adaptation

The Horizon maintains consistent performance in a wide range of lighting conditions, from 100 kilolux to darker, low-visibility environments. Enabled by the innovative de-noising algorithms built-into the unit, the Horizon is able to effectively reduce the noise caused by atmospheric particles such as rain, fog, and dust, as well as interference from other LiDAR units.


1. Measured in an environment of 25°C with the laser aimed directly at the target.
2. Measured in an environment of 25°C with a target object 20 meters away and a reflectivity of 80%.
3. Operating fan is IP 55 rated.