High-performance LiDAR designed for L3/L4 autonomous driving


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The Livox Horizon is a high-performance LiDAR sensor built for Level 3 and Level 4 autonomous driving. It has a long-distance detection range of up to 260 meters, high-density point clouds, and is so small that can be embedded easily into vehicles. It is also incredibly accessible, with a price point that is just 1% of traditional LiDAR sensors. The Horizon is poised to reinvent the LiDAR industry, bringing the mass production of autonomous vehicles into reality with innovative technologies and enormous cost advantages.
  • 260 m

    Detection Range[2]

  • 2 cm

    Range Precision[3]

  • 0.05°

    Angular Precision

  • 81.7° × 25.1°


  • 240,000 pts/s

    Point Rate

  • -40°C ~ 85°C

    Temperature Range

Broad FOV for Autonomous Driving

Offering an expansive detection range and a rectangular FOV, the Horizon is highly suitable for autonomous driving applications. Its innovative scanning pattern results in a FOV that is 81.7° horizontally and 25.1° vertically. With just five Horizon units, a full 360° FOV can be achieved.

Non-repetitive Horizontal Scanning Patterns

Livox Horizon features non-repetitive horizontal scanning patterns which differ significantly from the repetitive linear scanning offered by traditional LiDAR sensors. The areas scanned inside the FOV of a Horizon sensor grow the longer the integration time, increasing the likelihood of objects and other details within the FOV being detected. The point cloud density can easily surpass that of 64-line LiDAR sensors, resulting in safer, more reliable autonomous driving. The coverage ratio of the point cloud will increase gradually over integration time to nearly 100%.

Dense Coverage that Eliminates Blind Spots

The Horizon boasts a point cloud coverage approximately three times denser than the Mid series due to non-repetitive horizontal scanning patterns with multiple laser heads. Up to 240,000 points/s point rate ensures every space within the FOV is clearly displayed without blind spots.

Livox LiDAR Potential Unleashed


Livox SDK supports development languages, including C, C++, and Python on multiple platforms such as Linux, Windows and ROS, making it easier to use Livox LiDAR sensors on a variety of platforms. Livox also offers frequently-used algorithms such as SLAM, and external parameter calibration to help users make the most of their LiDAR sensors.

Labeled Data

Livox will offer labeled data that includes commonly-encountered objects such as vehicles, pedestrians, and bikes to help users quickly verify algorithms and lower learning costs, increasing efficiency and offering more benefits for users of Livox LiDAR sensors.

Livox's Secret to High Performance-to-Price Ratio

Stable and Reliable

Stable and Reliable

The Horizon LiDAR sensor adopts an innovative optoelectronic system design with rotation-free photoelectric components that results in higher reliability and longer service life compared to alternative mechanical LiDAR units. This design also avoids issues often associated with solid state LiDAR units, such as high cost, short detection range, and defects from immaturity. The Horizon LiDAR sensor was designed to meet VW80000 and ISO16750 automotive standards. The overall performance meets the requirements for level 3 and level 4 autonomous vehicles.

Large-scale Mass Production

Large-scale Mass Production

Through the patent multi-laser transceiver module integration and packaging technology (DL-Pack), photoelectric system solutions, and highly modular and automated production line design, Livox reduces the tedious manual focusing and other processes, turning the mass production and application of LiDAR into a reality.

Cost Advantage

Cost Advantage

In addition to the manufacturing cost advantages brought by large-scale mass production, the entire optical system of Horizon LiDAR sensor uses verified and easy-to-acquire components to achieve excellent performance through low-cost signal collection, making single Horizon LiDAR sensor unit ultra-accessible with an incredibly low price. The price level is only 1% of the mechanical LiDAR with the same performance.

Livox Horizon


Note 1. Pricing is subject to Ex works term.

Note 2. Measured in an environment of 25°C with the laser directly and vertically aimed at the target.

Note 3. Measured in an environment of 25°C with a target object 20 meters away and a reflectivity of 80%.