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The Livox Avia combines compact and lightweight design with improved detection range and efficiency, featuring an FOV greater than 70°. Its triple-echo and dual-scanning modes are ideal for use cases such as mapping, powerline surveying, smart cities and other applications.
  • 498 g

    Lightweight and Compact

  • 450 m

    Maximum Detection Range 1

  • 70.4° * 77.2°

    FOV for Non-repetitive Scanning

  • 70.4° * 4.5°

    FOV for Repetitive Line Scanning

  • Triple-echo

    Maximum Number of returns

  • ≥ 240,000

    Point Rate 2

  • 2 cm

    Range Precision

  • IP67

    IP Rating

Long Detection Range

The Livox Avia adjusts its detection range according to the intensity of ambient light, while maintaining noise at a low level. The detection range increases to 450m under low-light conditions (such as on a cloudy day, indoors or at night), ensuring distant objects are captured in detail.

Dual-Scanning Mode

The use of multi-line laser and high-speed scanning enable the Livox Avia to achieve a point cloud data rate of up to 240,000 points/s. The high performance device is equipped with both repetitive and non-repetitive scanning modes, to meet the needs of different scenarios.

Non-repetitive Circular Scanning

In the non-repetitive scanning mode, as more time it provided for the system to scan the area, the coverage area ratio increases, thus improving the detection of objects and details within the FOV. This mode is suitable for the majority of use case scenarios including traditional mapping and low-speed autonomous driving.

Repetitive Line Scanning

The repetitive scanning mode enables the Livox Avia to operate more efficiently in mapping scenarios that require high precision and point cloud distribution, such as the mapping of agricultural fields, forests and hill slopes, as well as the inspection of construction sites.

Light, Compact and Easily Integrated

The Livox Avia can be connected using a common conversion cable. It also comes with M12 circular connectors, useful for situations where space is limited for embedding the sensor.

Diverse Application Scenarios

Power Line Surveying and Mapping

Avia's long-range feature allow the mapping equipment to work at higher altitude with greater efficiency. Its special spot shape provides better resolution and range for thin objects like power lines, and its distinctive repetitive scanning mode improves the surveying and mapping precision.

Forestry Surveying and Mapping

In natural environment surveying and mapping scenarios, where the terrain details are critical, Avia's triple-return feature allows it to obtain more point clouds from the canopies and terrains.

Mobile Surveying and Mapping

In the field of mobile surveying & mapping and perception, space and weight are usually the limiting factors. Avia, with the weight less than 500g, allows integrators to address difficult design challenges. Its built-in inertial measurement unit (IMU) continuously outputs spatial posture and acceleration information, providing redundant data.

Smart Cities

With a FOV over 70°, Avia can acquire the point cloud of a larger scenario at one time, while its long-range feature can capture more distant details. Livox's unique non-repetitive scanning mode allows Avia's point cloud coverage to rapidly approach 100% over time, generating high-density point cloud models with high resolution similar to that of a photo.

The Secret to Livox’s High Performance-to-Price Ratio

High Quality Mass Production

High Quality Mass Production

Livox’s industry-leading production process is supported by its patented multi-laser transceiver module integration and packaging technology (DL-Pack), photoelectric system solutions, and highly modular and automated production line design. Using a vast experience manufacturing high-quality electronics, it’s sophisticated supply chain and production ecosystem, Livox is able to achieve mass production and timely delivery at a substantially lower cost than what is currently on the market.

Work and Cost efficiency

Work and Cost efficiency

Livox Avia uses an optical system that has been vetted with easily accessed, quality components and a design that only requires a few laser transceiver modules to achieve high-beam scanning effect. This design approach is the ideal combination of work and cost efficiency, providing the market with a high performance-to-price ratio product that broadens use applications across various industries without the burden of a high price tag.

TÜV Rheinland Certification

TÜV Rheinland Certification

Avia’s uniquely designed optical system has been granted the TÜV Rheinland safety certification, and meets the Class 1 eye safety standards.



1. The actual detection range under 0 klx ambient light is 450m;

2. In the double-return mode, the point cloud data rate is 480,000 points/s;